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    14-Oct-2020 08:00 AM

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Career Camp

COMPANY NAME : Animation Professionals at CTN-LIVE

Career Camp
What resonates with artists for their creative growth?  Artists learn from other artists and from first-hand experience. They absorb everything at random times in their lives so they can ‘create’ worlds, characters, and stories never before seen or heard. You can have your work critiqued for positive feedback from leading professionals currently working in the animation, visual effects, and video game community, but you also NEED the kind of life experience feedback that will take you to a level where you are ‘the best’ artist / creator you can be. Artist-to-Artist conversations with professionals will continue for the rest of your life, and help shed a light on your path as a part of a regular routine forever. You can’t create in a vacuum, so come meet up in ‘Career Camp’ to be inspired, educated, empowered, and to level up.

How does this work? Submit your art, video, reel and be assigned to a Zoom Room group. Not everyone will be selected to be reviewed, but everyone will be in the room for the conversation and will learn together about both the hard and soft skills needed to be an indpependent or production artist.
HOW TO GET INVOLVED:  Register as an artist by clicking on "APPLY" above, and if you do not have an account please create one. 

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