About us

CTN Recruiting is an opportunity for studios, producers and talented artists to connect for opportunities.&nbsp;</font>Held both at events and online CTN recruiting is open all year.

Creative Talent Network Provides

Phase1: Online portfolio review for you event for you to pre-select candidates for the phase 2 of meetings.

Phase 2: A brick and mortar space for recruiting at CTNs Center Stage Gallery. Can hold up to 100 people, but with the pre-selection process you would set appointment times with the candidates to avoid long lines of waiting. CTN would provide staff, food and beverage and site management.
CTN would market to their entire community.

Fee: $100 per person hired or a cap of $2000. (if you hire less than 20 the fee is $100 per hire, if more than 20 the fee is capped at $2000)
Example of our online job application: http://recruiting.creativetalentnetwork.com/
We handle all the operations, the questions, the client/attendee relations and event management and have proven results with a staff that has 9 years experience hosting recruiting events with great success.
Our space: http://creativetalentnetwork.com/service.php?serviceId=3
You can put up signage and show clips or development examples of your project on our plasma screens and even do a pitch presentation of the project.
We complete the process for you!!